Tuesday, January 5, 2016


                                                        Skylight   Pastel | 6x4

I recently read about a man who has endeavored to catch every sunset for the past 20 years. Wow! What a goal; really, a devotion. Just imagine how he has marked each day's passing.  A friend of mine has made a habit of counting how many times she has seen the 'green flash'! At a recent plein air event in Shelter Cove, Ca, word spread quickly among the 40 artists and the residents putting on the event that that night was a predicted green flash (at the last moment the sun dips below the horizon). Sure enough, it did not disappoint. So many exclaimed they'd never seen one before. She quietly said 'Number 23'! Sure wish I had counted my green flashes, but for sure they are in the single digits.

Painting notes: Back to my yummy Wallis Warm Belgian Mist paper- the new, warmer version of Kitty Wallis' beige-toned aluminum oxide pastel paper. Every time I paint on a piece of it I get a smile as it is just so luscious to pull a stroke across.  I didn't leave any of it showing through, I as so enjoying covering it. Nor did I do an underpainting-this paper holds tight so many layers of pastel that one can put down multiple layers of light sky and then carve the dark tree outlines with impunity!

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  1. Gorgeous! I never heard about the green flash, now I will be looking.