Tuesday, January 26, 2016


                                   Sunset over Riffle Lake   Pastel | 5x7

Driving through Oregon in November, we were looking for a campground to no avail when suddenly, we saw an arrow for a lakeside forested campground.  A few miles down the road, we saw this wonderful sunset reflecting onto Riffle Lake.  It was a moment of wonder that we stopped for and took in, in silence. A lovely way to end a perfect day on the road!

Painting Notes:  Yesterday, my splurge arrived - 24 Sennelier Iriridescent colors!  It has been on my wish list for over a year.  I used Canson Touch again - a piece that I had rubbed in the previous painting leaving behind a dark multi-colored surface. The iridescents we're peculiar to work with - they went on beautifully on the lake surface and the dark foreground, but the paper didn't like my using them in the lights in the sky; in fact, they removed some of the previous colors I had put down.  Definitely something to work with and try on different surfaces til I get it right! 

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