Sunday, January 10, 2016


                                                The Soothing Splash!   Pastel |  9x12

The constant quality of the waves coming into shore is one of the absolutes we can count on.  Equally mesmerizing is looking into a fire, but there we know that the flames will recede and the fire glow will fade into darkness.  The waves are endless, one after the other, and being near them chases away thoughts.  It is a meditative state that soothes the soul. Walking away from the cliff's edge or the shoreline, it takes a moment to shake off the lovely bliss and re-enter the world as we know it. 

Painting notes: Revisiting this painting I began but never finished.  It has sat on my studio ledge where I prop up my unfinished works for over a year, never relegated to the abandoned pile. Tonight, I couldn't help but be drawn to it as I thought all day about how lovely it would be to live by the sea. I love winter for numerous reasons but one is that, during foggy damp weather, I allow my mind to revisit all the lovely places I've been.  I liked the rough texture of Canson mi-Teintes Touche paper, which I usually find a bit too textured for small pieces. I think the paper's forté is in larger works where it's nubbiness is moderated by the size of the piece.


  1. Beautiful piece, and beautiful prose to go with it. Makes me be at the coast in my thoughts. Thanks Marti!

  2. So great reconnecting with your last night Laura. I'd love to paint with you if you get the urge to go outside, just call me! Went out today, just 1/4 mile away to do one I'll post tomorrow. My first Plein air of 2016!!