Thursday, January 14, 2016


                                  Sunshine on a Stem   Pastel | 6x6

One of the joys of my raised beds vegetable garden comes from devoting a whole bed to cut flowers. I started with multi-headed sunflowers, then added Mexican Sunflower (Tithonia-a must-try if you are into screaming red 2"  flowers!), and last year zinnias. Of course, each of these easily-spread annuals continue to pop up so each year I always have some of each. For me, there is nothing quite as joyful as having vases of fresh flowers all over  the house. The 'consumption' of cut flowers is every bit as important to me as the vegetables I pick and we eat.  

Painting notes:  Once again, I had the joy of painting on Wallis Warm Belgian Mist paper. Yes, the color is great because you don't have to fight white specks showing through or do an underpainting like the white Wallis, but it is really the surface that evokes the good feelings. It eats up the pastels, spreads like butter, and let's you easily correct by over striking or even lightly brushing off with a brush and redoing. Liking our substrates, no matter our medium of choice, is one of the things that makes an artist's heart sing!

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