Saturday, January 9, 2016


                                          Grange Dame   Pastel | 5x7

Barns are intriguing.  They look, feel and smell of their histories.  Like ships, I think of them as 'she's' - Grand Dames with tales to tell. This lady has 'had some work done'.  She appears to have become a habitable structure. Since this is Napa County, maybe she is a winery or a tasting room or even someone's home?  While painting her, my imagination was running overtime with stories of all that might be happening here.  Lovely situated, this barn certainly draws eyes to it.  'Grange' is French for barn so I'm calling her 'Grange Dame'.

Painting notes: At the 'Candy Store' (Vendor room) at last year's IAPS (Internt'l Assoc of Pastel Societies) Convention, I found and purchased a small packet of pinky mauve pastel papers. My first painting on this surface was fun and interesting.  While the color seemed a bit peculiar for this red/green/orange/yellow scene, it ended up being a nice neutral counterpoint to the saturated brights. Always fun to experiment with new things.

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