Friday, January 29, 2016


                                   Falling Water   Pastel | 12x9

A few years back, we travelled into the Angeles National Forest while we were down in Southern California.  My husband, from that area, suggested a waterfall hike as he knows I love to reach water as a destination.  I was mesmerized by the beauty of this fall and took an endless number of photos from every angle we could reach.  I truly believe there is magic in falling water.  Easy to believe I'm a Pisces!

Painting Notes:  I picked Wallis Warm Belgian Mist again for this piece, grid the surface and then drew it rather precisely before filling in a lot of darks.  I sprayed them well with fixative, then started the process of redrawing it again using the local colors. For a while it looked like a puzzle of pieces but as I refined it, each piece got filled in and ready for the final application of a bright yellow/white for the falling water.  The water reflections were the final part to fill in, using downward vertical strokes across the colors followed by horizontal strokes. 

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