Friday, January 8, 2016



                                              The Parting Day  | Pastel | 7x5

My favorite poem I had to memorize as a child was Gray's Elegy in a Churchyard. It began 'The curfew tolls the knew of parting day...'. Many is the late afternoon that this line comes into my head as it immortalizes for me that special time between the day's activities and the beginning of the evening's relaxation. This scene gives me that same serene feeling. I love the golden glow that bathes the landscape. 

Painting notes:  The challenge of Plein air painting has always centered around the changing light throughout the day. As the sunset approaches, these changes quicken. It has long been my goal to 'master' Plein air painting so I am better able to capture these last light scenes where one is lucky to have a half hour to get it all down.  I'm getting faster and finding that no matter how many hours I've been painting, that last light of the day often propels me towards 'one more little one'!

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