Monday, January 11, 2016


                                      Fishing in the Canal   Pastel | 6x8

After days of much-needed rain, today was warm and mostly sunny. Like cormorants spreading their wings, the residents of my area took to the outdoors to 'dry off'. Just a couple of blocks from my home is a drainage canal that runs thru the area. Since we are just blocks from the Sacramento River and on the Pacific Flyway, we have abundant waterfowl year round. Ducks and geese are easily found but it is the egret that is ubiquitous.  I headed out with my 'grab&go' plein air gear and headed for this site. Not visible here, closer to me, are a group of trees on the right that are a nightly rookery for black-crowned night heron....but that's a different story (and painting!).

Painting notes:  A few years ago, I had an idea for a 'grab&go' plein air set up - my pastels, substrate, and a seat.  I bought a plastic 'contractors proposal box' at Office Depot, added a hinge on the right, a few pieces of tape, and the gear box was ready to go.  The folding seat is a new addition and just perfect. It lets me sit right down in the scene but my legs let me know in about 30 minutes that it is time to wrap up - all playing into the theme of 'grab&go' but don't 'stay&stiffen'! Here's a collage of the gear:

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