Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Rainbow Sunset

Rainbow Sunset   |   Pastel   |   8x6

22 Days of painting waterscapes and I am more in love with them than ever!  They are profoundly abstract in their realism.  If I were given my choice of the last vision of nature I would see, it would be a sunset.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Smash Up!

Smash Up!    Pastel    8x6

Yesterday, my artist friend Maggie Renner Hellman posted this fabulous photo she took of the high waves smashing into the Capitola Pier. I asked her if I might paint from it and she accepted.  These waves are so beyond whatever one sees at the Pier!  All over the US we are seeing extraordinary weather phenomena.  Exciting times for artists; concerning times for those of us who live here and there!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

7th Wave

7th Wave   |   Pastel   |   6x8

We all do it. When we are watching the waves roll in, we start counting because we’ve heard, we’ve experienced, we rely on the 7th Wave bringing in the next batch of Big Ones.  And enough of the times for us to count again, it proves true!

Spilt Milk Falls

Spilt Milk Falls    Pastel      8x6

I should call this Liberty Falls because I have taken a great liberty in painting it. You see, it is not my original creation. I painted this from a photo of someone else’s original painting-an oil I loved and saved to my file. Alas, I have never figured out how to label any photos on my iPad so I cannot attribute it properly other than to freely admit this!  And I have taken the liberty of making up a name for this swirling drop; I have never heard this name for a waterfall but, were I allowed to name one similar, this is the name I would choose for it.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Grand Tetons

The Grand Tetons    |    Pastel   |    6x8

I sat across dinner from a watercolor artist who taught a class at last weekend’s ‘Mushroom Camp’. I was amazed to hear he’d only been painting for five years when he showed me his beautifully wrought mushroom paintings!  I shared with him my 31 Day Challenge and he sent me two of his favorite landscape photos - the one I painted this from and a Texas Morning skyscape with extraordinary colors. Thank you Denis Benjamin for sharing your inspiration and allowing me to do my vision of it!

Wright’s Wonder

Wright’s Wonder    … Pastel … 6x8

Every day you get to paint is special. Any day someone(s) share the experience with you is Just So Damn Special (JSDS!)! I just spent a weekend that gave me so many special moments I feel humble, delighted, thrilled, happy and high!

This awesome couple stopped at the same spot as I did, to see the gorgeous BIG waves at Wright’s Beach just north of Bodega, CA.  We had a great communication and sharing. When Sue told me it was Bob’s Birthday, that sealed the deal. I offered them my painting as a birthday present.  It was such a great encounter and I’m still savoring the cupcakes they gave me! Thanks to Barbara Tapp for turning me onto to the sheer delight of having a meaningful connection and giving a present of my art!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Tide Textures

Tide Textures | Pastel | 6x8

As the tide goes out, slick rocks and seaweed are left behind, looking bare and refreshed.

Painting Notes:  It’s all about nailing the values when you create the wet look. Pastel is very forgiving, letting one go smooth with the sweep of a finger, or pushing the previous stroke into the paper and making a new hard line over it.