Sunday, January 3, 2016


                                                   Fence Post    Pastel | 7x5

On this particular morning, we woke up to a hoar frost.  We drove on in a  glorious bright day in between almost white-outs.  Amazing to see the icey frost that had formed on every surface.  One minute, visibility was almost zero - the next: Sparkles everywhere! The most exciting was the ice crystals that formed on the barbs of the barb wire.  An astonishing spectacular display!

Painting notes:  I got a couple of iridescent pastels recently from Sennelier.  So appropriate for snow scenes.  Interestingly, they still need bright whites to make them sparkle. Looking up at them, under bright overhead lights, really shows them off! Photos don't show the sparkles but real life/real light does.

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