Monday, January 25, 2016


                                         Early Snowfall    Pastel | 6x6

That first snow each year is so magic. We're not yet tired of slipping and sliding and digging and freezing. Colors that seemed so mundane a day before are transformed into brilliant sparkles of light against the white snow.  We often take trips into the mountains after these early storm days, savouring the lovely beauty inside the cozy warmth of our van.

Painting Notes:  I'll say it again, my favorite surface to paint on is Wallis Warm Belgian Mist.  I did the underpainting in the darks for each shape, then used my pipe foam to smear it into the surface except for the left rise and the right front bush where I wanted to keep the most texture.  During the painting, I let the strokes in most of the areas skim over the surface of the paper so that the darks would show thru. It gave a textural quality to the areas. I believe it also made a difference to use the paper in this direction as I wanted the striations to be vertical rather than horizontal. 

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