Friday, January 1, 2016


                                   Sierra Sunset     Pastel | 11x14

That perfect time of day is captured over a High Sierras lake.  It is an obvious windy scene as shown by the cloud shapes and the ripples on the water.  My husband and I are self-avowed Nature Lovers; our favorite pastime is to go hiking, driving, and camping in the mountains.  Just a short distance from our West Sacramento home, we can be surrounded by a multitude of lakes and peaks in a few hours time!  Our sunset ritual is sitting on a camp chair by a body of water or meadow til that last minute when the scene turns dark.  Not too longer later, we are fast asleep in our van, as going to sleep at 7-8 pm is not uncommon. Early rising stretches our time to divine with nature!

Painting notes: I chose Black Art Spectrum paper as the substrate here for two reasons - first, the extensive dark area are really dark so less effort and medium is needed to 'go dark', and second, because the vibrancy of the intense colors is heightened by using a dark substrate.  I love exploring using dark substrates. It is like having a whole new palette of colors as the usual medium value sticks are transformed into ones lights. 

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