Monday, January 4, 2016


                                                  Shoreline Flames    Pastel | 9x12

 When the aspens know they are about to shed their coats, they put on one last brilliant display.  I could not stop taking photos this particular day as everywhere I looked seemed special. I like to say 'I had my art eyes on'. I searched for a foreground in shade to make the far flames stand out even more.

Painting notes: I could have gone with any tinted substrate for this one but chose the Aubergine Art Spectrum again because of it's cool tones. I thought the rocks would be difficult but they weren't. Just hard edged angles of dark and streaks of light. Lost edges not so necessary as with other forms. Understatement in making the grasses was important. In reality there were four times as many grass blades but a little against a dark background makes a greater impact.  Restraint - now that's a trait to cultivate!

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