Thursday, January 21, 2016


                    Lower and Upper Caribou Lakes   Pastel Diptych (2 pieces) | each 6x4

 Lower Caribou Lake  
                                Upper Caribou Lake  

Several years ago we made a two night camping and hiking trip up to the Trinity Alps in Northern California.  We backpacked in eight miles to these lovely Caribou Lakes. It was Labor Day and we were surprised to find very few others here.  Perhaps that was because the weather turned very cold and windy the first night. Our dog Candy slept inside the tent, wrapped in her own tarp but she (and we) shivered all night. The next morning, seeing the the storm system was worsening, we made the decision to hike back out. That was a good thing as a rainstorm with thunder and lightning came in as we made it back to the car several hours later.  It did not dampen our enthusiasm for this gorgeous area, so worth the effort to get to.

Painting notes: I'll admit the idea of making a diptych was a calculated one. I'm behind in the 30/30 Challenge as I have a deadline to complete and deliver a larger dog painting for an upcoming gallery show. The past three days have been spent tied to the studio to execute a very realistic portrait of a friend's dog that I saved from a Facebook post years ago. I'll be posting that shortly. Tonight was the need to post yesterday and today's entries for the 30/30.  I painted this on Canson MiTeintes Touche - a nubby paper that comes in a fabulous shade called Tobacco. I love this rich dark brown and long to do a large painting with it, as larger means less nubbiness overall.

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