Saturday, September 26, 2015


               Carson Peak above Silver Lake | Pastel | 6x8

One of the special treats of driving Route 395 is taking June Lake Loop. A short 5 mile stretch passes by 4 lakes - 3 of them are among the prettiest of the easily accessible lakes of the High Sierras. My favorite is Silver Lake where Carson Peak rises up at 10,866 feet.  The lakes take on a deliciously intense dark blue color that emphasizes their great depth. 

Process:  The dock area was littered with kayak racks - a lovely kaleidoscope of screaming colors - and easily the subject of another painting, but what attracted me to this view is Carson Peak, towering 3000+ feet above the valley floor.  The passive gravel foreground with the dock leads the eye in while keeping the emphasis on the steep peak where a rock slide has scoured its flank.  This is painted on Wallis Belgian mist paper with a direct application of colors (no underpainting).

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