Thursday, September 3, 2015


            Mt Hood | Pastel | 5x7

We are still in Oregon. While lunching at the historical Mt Hood Lodge (from 'The Shining'), I was able to get this photo of Mt Hood without clouds obscuring its peak.

Process:  I sketched in the big shapes, then under painted with isopropyl alcohol. Here's a snap of the underpainting:

I painted this in our van  after dark in low light and cold conditions . We're up by Newberry Volcanic Center where the wind is whipping off East Lake.  Minor suffering for my art, but getting one done for the Challenge.

Looking it over the next morning, I notice some poor color choices were made due to the low light In which I was painting. The sky is too light and the colors in the foreground are too bright. This is a perfect example of not utilizing grays to tone down the area and make a few brights really sing their solo. The choir of the current foreground is shrieking in my 'ear-eyes'!  My fingers are itching to make the corrections!

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