Friday, October 9, 2015


   The Tyvek House.   Pastel | 8x6

Arrived in the lovely community of Shelter Cove on California's wild Lost Coast for 5 days of non-stop, on location painting. This is the 2nd LOST COAST PLEIN AIR put on by a wonderful group of folks who call Shelter Cove home.  It felt like the whole town turned out for us!  On my first day of painting, this was my second of three and is of a somewhat controversial building that is right next to the iconic Lighthouse, symbol of Shelter Cove.  Seems the site is commercially zoned and building was halted for a while when some disagreement sprang up on intended non-commercial use.  Finally, I heard some planning forces put enough pressure on the owners to get the home insulated (Tyvek) at which point the whole project has again been put on hold, leaving this supreme view lot with an unfinished home for who knows how long! Even in the most remote locations, zoning issues are ubiquitous!

Painting notes: I chose a Fisher 400 paper pre mounted on a 6x8 foam core for this, entered my darks and a few background colors and spritzed it with alcohol to soak into the paper before overlaying the final strokes to the finish.

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