Wednesday, September 2, 2015


 ROCKS & RIFFLES | Pastel | 5x7
Clackamas River at Carter Bridge in Mt     Hood National Forest

Picking out the 4-5 dominant shapes was a bit difficult here with the interplay of darks and lights in the water. The dominant shape is a dark one across the top and down the left side in a C shape.  A little weaving of dark/light shapes in  the middle.  Medium sized light shape is on the right.

The underpainting started with dark brown at the top, then deep olive to forest green. From the white water down, the darks were predominantly spruce blue. White water areas ranged from a light fuschia to a light green turquoise.  All were done using NuPastels.

I didn't count my strokes, which I just learned in a workshop exercise for this one, but I did use a minimum of them. Everything but the water went in quickly.  Great fun applying the white water areas using the new Terry Ludwig lightest turq blue by lightly dragging it in the side over the rocks and into the pools.  A few highlights and voilà! 

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