Monday, September 7, 2015


Bridge over Falling Waters | Pastel | 6x6

After it rains in Oregon, it bedazzles! We awoke to a fresh countryside in Newberry Volcano Center area and headed down the road.  A sign for Paulina Falls took us down this path.  Here the creek is just leaving the lake and beginning it's slow drop until it hits a fault line and falls over a wide cliff. 

Process: using Fisher 400 pastel paper, available only, I believe, thru Pro Art Panels. An exquisitely soft surface, it lends itself to more exact realism. This is sometimes a good thing and sometimes not. A grittier paper makes 'impressionism' easier as the stick skims over the nubby surface. I like the way the paper helps me express the sharp quality of the crisp air this particular morning.  I rubbed the underpainting areas to get complete coverage, then spritzed isoprophyl alcohol till paper was saturated, letting it dry thoroughly. 

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