Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Storm Clouds over Yolo Causeway | Pastel | 5x7

Pretty obvious the driver (me) took this photo on a stormy night driving from Sacramento to Davis, Ca. The roads were slick and brooding clouds were coming in to obliterate a stunning sunset. I've thought about painting this since then - over a year ago.  What a joy to capture that moment on one of our first fall night of this year!

Process: There's a mixed opinion on blending - many pastelists think its anathema! I like blending for certain things - skies in particular. To me, it connotes their vast expanse, so dense that individual particles are not separated within the mass.  Years ago, when blending on Wallis paper made with aluminum oxide, I drew blood early on. A quick trip around my house unearthed a finger cot used for counting bills. Turning it inside out, I found the ultimate blending tool. It does not pick up a bit of the pastel -like stumps and fingers do- and there are so many varied fine touches you can make. Here is a photo of me using it for this sky:

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