Monday, September 14, 2015


The Guy West Bridge | Pastel | 5x7

A bicycle/pedestrian bridge, the Guy West Bridge spans the American River between housing and offices on its north bank to CSUS (California State University at Sacramento) on its south bank.  A main artery to the University, it is passed over by people daily who all enjoy it's 'mini-me'-ness of the Golden Gate in nearby San Francisco. It reminds me of a couple of decades of crossing over it, either running or biking, to workout along the bike path.  The river is fairly wide at this point and the reflections are like those of still water, even tho it is flowing along at a nice clip.

Process: Wallis white paper again. I did the underpainting with my local colors as the scene is already filled with color nuances. ISO spray and go.  I tried to get the bridge in pretty realistically while creating  the banks and river loosely.  Still water reflections in pastels are one of the joys of using the medium!  Apply color, pull down with your finger and voilĂ , reflections achieved!

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  1. Loved the pastel treatment !