Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Rise Above | Pastel | 7x5

A June visit to Albuquerque revealed an old town center filled with hollyhocks blooming in every courtyard.  They are not good cut flowers, they get leggy from mid summer on and there seeds germinate even in the cracks of concrete! But when they bloom, they rise up, and up and up, as though, if you just give them a little more time, they will reach the heavens.  These old fashioned beauties are one of my favorites and germinate freely all over my gardens.

Process: Using one of the remaining sheets of the old Belgian Mist Wallis paper reminds me why this surface ised to be the standard bearer to most pastelists. Since its production problems, so many new papers have come into to fill the void, some even as good, but few comparable.  I put in the darks (TL Augergine) and then local color on the building, finishing with a spritz do ISO. I love how the paper echoes the texture of the adobe/stucco buildings.

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