Thursday, September 24, 2015


    The Range of Light | Pastel | 6x8

There's a special place along Route 395 just east above Bishop, Ca.  Along the road to the Ancient Bristlecone Forest (a fascinating +10,000 ft high forest of the worlds oldest trees), there are numerous pull outs where one can experience the grandest view of the High Sierras. On a clear day, Mt Whitney is visible at the south end and the mountains around Convict Lake to the north.  We drove on dirt several miles past the Schuman Grove to Silver Canyon Rd. There we roughed camped with this view at 10,470 ft altitude.  As the sun descended, the aspen just below us lit up like they were aflame!

Process: A small panel of mounted Fisher 400 pastel paper was perfect for capturing this high color scene.  This paper was developed by a Brit who loves a superfine grit.  The paper is a pale sunny tone.  I made direct application of my colors with no underpainting. The scene, the paper, the mood - all were perfect this fine evening!

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