Tuesday, January 3, 2017


     Serenity of the Stream | Pastel | 8x6

There is something so serene about standing in the middle of a forest gazing into a stream.  It creates a 'Be Here Now' moment.  Embarking on the first 3 days of this 31 Day Challenge, I'm seeing a reoccurring draw to painting forest scenes.  We just spent 4 days on the coast at Salt Point where we get the best of both worlds - exceptional waves and coastal scenes coupled with mountainous forests thick with redwoods and mushrooms.  It was like being on two separate vacations.  I kept walking into the darkest parts of the forest, way off the trails, ostensibly looking for mushrooms but also for the quiet, the peace that being there gives me.

Painting Notes:  Once again, I chose Black Art Spectrum paper for this small 8"x6".  Its so luscious to have really dark darks to paint with!  I was frustrated once again though by the lack of just that 'right' shade of blues.  I have lots of turquoises and many purple blues but a really dramatic range of cobalt blues that pop are just not part of my storehouse. If anyone can recommend brand/color, I'd love to get some.  What I have in cobalts seem grayed down.

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