Sunday, January 1, 2017


         Lone Cypress, Salt Point |  Pastel | 8x6

Sitting on this rocky promontory point looking at the sheer majesty of this cypress clinging to the rocks being slowly eroded by the constant assault of waves is my favorite coastal perch! Years ago, I spent weeks painting a large version of this that now graces the walls of my guest bathroom. One if my goals for 2017 is to revisit my old favorite paintings and do them over again.  This cypress may not have the rep of the 17 Mile Drive Lone Cypress but it is equally beloved by all who hold Salt Point dear.

Painting Notes:  I took my 'Quick Ptg' set on this trip, knowing I would only do a small painting or two and did not need the whole plein air bag.  I recently bought a small tripod chair that was easily attached to it with bungees.  The whole set up is so light and compact that I can sling it over my shoulder or even strap it to my waist and off I go! Once at the location, I find I can sit easily for hours without legs cramping or feeling uncomfortable. And it's a great way to use all my small fragments of pastels that are too small to use for bigger paintings.

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