Saturday, January 28, 2017


  Davenport's Shark Fin Beach | Pastel | 6 x 12

Just a few miles north of Santa Cruz on the coast is the hamlet of Davenport.  A few houses, a Roadhouse, a market and close by a small foundry where artglass (among other things) is produced.  Rumor has it the left over shards and chunks are emptied into the river which spills into the ocean at the north end of Shark Fin Beach.  Out and in, the tides smooth the shards into lovely pieces of seaglass.  Most seaglass is from bottles.  Davenport's claim to fame is the best art glass seaglass in the US, or so I was told.  During my two hour paint out there, I saw over 30 people come and go, combing the beach for bright colored pieces.  Everyone left with something!!

Painting Notes: My 15 oz folding chair and my "Go To'" painting set up (a modified contractor's proposal box) was perfect, light weight, and surprisingly held every color I needed.  This is where my small pieces of pastel go to retire until they are toast. Just about when my butt starts to squirm on the small tripod seat, it's a signal I need to stand up, step away from the painting and check out how I'm proceeding with the work.   

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