Monday, January 2, 2017


    Along the Branch Line | Pastel | 8x6

Close by we have a great walking trail that is the old Clarksburg Branch line - a defunct rail that is now a path. Looking down the path is always a treat.  Even more delightful are the memories it brings back to us both of our beloved dog Candy.  It's hard to say that any spot is a dog's particular favorite as they are always so 'in the now', but watching her delight every day as she raced toward every new smell, every bunny rabbit, every squirrel will always bring a big smile to my mind and face!

Painting Notes:  I love using Black Art Spectrum paper for two main reasons - it allows me to negative paint the lights and all my midtone pastels become lighter, expanding my palette effortlessly.
I recently purchased Diane Townsend's Terrages set of darks which allowed me to tone the black surface. My inspiration for doing this painting came from a video I just had watched of Barbara Newton's White Pastel on Black

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  1. I'm happy my video was inspiring. Thanks for including a link to it here along with your lovely painting. A new subscriber, Barbara Benedetti Newton