Tuesday, October 25, 2016


   Nevada City's Broad Street | Pastel | 12x9

Saturday was a fun Paint Out for the local chapter of the California Art Club in Nevada City, CA.  This is a wonderful vintage town filled with Victorian architecture and fun shops. I picked a street scene to try and hone my skills at doing one. I found it difficult to simplify but still enjoyed the experience. It was challenging to get the perspective correct as the sidewalk in front of me was descending.

Painting Notes: I used a soft textured paper from England called Fisher 400 that I've come to enjoy. The drawing took two times or more longer than a 'normal' landscape as the need for some accuracy was important.  I gridded the paper and used Value Viewer to make my drawing as accurate as possible due to the perspective challenges that most street scenes have. Getting the figure accurate in its placement and height to other features was critical. I saved the cars til last and spent a while doing thumbnails again to see if I could delete them altogether but realized they are an essential element to this Composition. 

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