Wednesday, October 26, 2016


     ASPEN GLOW | Pastel | 6x6

I still GLOW when I think of this magic little lake in Utah we spent one of our last nights on our two month trip across Canada and back thru the US.  The turning leaves were peaking and they just shimmered in the last light of the evening. I grabbed a buttery oakley Chardonnay and called to my husband to come join me for sunset. The moment was pure magic as we watched in awe till there was no more light.

Painting Notes:  Painting reflections in water is a delight using pastels.  The method I use is to make a corresponding mark in the water (using a shade darker/duller) as I make my mark above the water. The reflective mark is done looser as well. When I'm done with the land marks, I fill in and correct the water marks, then put on my finger cot (a bill counter turned inside out) and make a smooth downward stroke from the waterline down off the page, wiping the cot after each stroke. Once I've done this across all the water, I make a few horizontal swipes to indicate ripples and voilá, c'est fini!

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