Thursday, October 6, 2016


     Into the Wild | Pastel | 14 x 11
We drove to Estes Park Colorado where we entered Rocky Mountain National Park. Driving from east to west, the road and vistas were awesome! We arrived at Timber Creek Campground where we found a great site looking out into the wild around us!  We walked over to the river and started hearing this haunting metallic sound. The elk stags were bugling as the rut was on! To the left, one would utter his cry only to be answered immediately by one to the right! This most special body of water is the head waters of the mighty Colorado River!!

Painting Notes: I chose a larger size as I'm determined to up my 'quick draw' sizes during this October 31 ptgs in 31 days challenge. Sure enough it took me only slightly longer than my itsy- bitsy 4 x 6 last night. I cut an 11x14 piece from a Canson Mi-Teintes sheet I bought for a Gil Dellinger 'Working Large' Workshop I attended several years ago. It is just rough enough that I have not liked this substrate for my 9x12 and smaller formats. But it worked great for this larger size and I was pleased with the gritty surface.

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