Wednesday, October 19, 2016


        CAPE BRETON ESTUARY | Pastel | 11x14

The Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia is made up of rugged pink granite and inlet after inlet of the next inlet!  I took a photo of this particular inlet on the fly, leaning in front of my husband while snapping a pic thru the windshield. Not to worry as, before painting it, I will alter the shapes...and the values...oh! and the colors! It's all about that license thingy.

Painting Notes:  I used a resurfaced, scrapped, sprayed and regritted with Liquitex Gesso paper. No idea what it started out as, but love the abuse it took!  Today was the first day of listening to Bryan Mark Taylor's The Master's Mind and I took Lesson One on Composition and Dynamic Shapes to heart by doing three thumbnails which resulted in me changing the major shapes - some drastically - and sure 'nough, made the design more pleasing. 

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