Tuesday, August 2, 2016


        Bridge Over Troubled Waters  | 14x11

Our favorite pastime is hiking in the mountains, through the woods.  It's such a pleasure to come across a wooden bridge designed to transport us across the stream  Early spring and the water was roiling as it passed us by.  I was attracted to the bright rays of sunlight as they glinted off the surfaces of the water, the rocks and the trees. Just looking at this scene transports me back to the woods!

Painting Notes:  I find that the larger I paint, the more I enjoy using Ampersand's Pastel Boards. Popping them into a frame is so easy and it will never bend!  The white surface takes any type of underpainting you want to throw at it. The background trees are something I've worked on over the years, in watercolor, oil and now pastel. Just giving enough information is the key. This one depicts the density of the forest of mostly new growth trees. 

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