Sunday, August 21, 2016


Sunday Aug 14
  We made our way east across Idaho paralleling the Sawtooth Mountains on our left. The valley is predominantly agricultural. Interesting barns-partially underground and with sod roofs-appeared to hold potatoes. We arrived in the fun, hip town of Jackson Wyoming where travelled up a canyon into an elk reserve where we found a lovely campground with a view of the Tetons - our next stop.
The Grand Tetons from Jackson WYO
  My pen & watercolor sketch of the view

Monday/Tuesday Aug 15 & 16
  We left Curtis Cyn CG early stopping at the National Museum of Wildlife Art just outside Jackson. This museum has been on my bucket list for years! Gorgeous works!
                3 of my favorites!

Onward to The Grand Tetons! They are magnificent! We reserved 2 nites at Colter Bay Campground at a lovely site at end of a loop. 

Wednesday Aug 17
  Leaving the Tetons regretfully behind, we made our way the Yellowstone. We camped at the first campground at the south entrance -Lewis Lake CG. Then on to our loop of YS. First stops - the geysers. Missed Old Faithful going off by two minutes but could see the top of the spew from afar. The Yellowstone Lodge, built in the early 1800s, was the highlight for me! As we are both vintage architecture fans, our hour spent inside was one of absorbing the details.
      Sapphire Pool
           Yellowstone Lodge
As we headed over to the northeast side, we got our first sightings of bison -  and we learned that 'buffalo' is a misnomer given them by early settlers for their resemblance to Asian and African (water) buffalo. The bison herds were plentiful over on the east side but so were the gawkers. We were backed up over 5 miles from people stopping to photo a bear and the bison! The only relief was when the Rangers came and helped direct traffic (for the bisons benefit).

Thursday Aug 18
  Another gorgeous day of driving thru the west hwys of Yellowstone. The Lamarr Valley was notable for bison herds and fly fishermen hoardes. We saw Trumpeter Swans (large!) and antelope (pronghorns).  
Visiting The Tetons and Yellowstone really is a must.  But we were also glad to leave the tourist-filled areas and head back out onto the open road!

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