Thursday, July 7, 2016


          Phylo Feeling   Pastel | 8"x6"

There is a magical valley on one of the routes up to Mendocino - the Anderson Valley. In its middle is the town of Boonville, Ca whose location was so remote that a unique language called Boontling was developed back in the 19th Century and is reputed to be a language that the children developed as a game that spread to adults. Today less than 100 people still speak the archaic, esoteric language. The next town north of Boonville is Phylo, home of some wonderful vineyards and wineries, including Schaffenberger sparkling wines, Navarro, Husch and many others. Driving through the Anderson Valley is a special thing - miles of vineyards creep up the steep hills of the valley walls.

Painting Notes:  After over a week of daily painting a larger work, it was pure delight to 'whip out' this little gem. I still spent close to two hours on it but the pace of composing, drawing, under painting, and finally painting to finish was blessedly compressed so that I could easily break to get a chore done and come back to another stage. Painted on Uart 600, I really enjoyed the smooth surface and how it took the pastel cleanly.

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