Saturday, April 9, 2016


                      The Kitchen Garden at Inn at Park Winters  | Pastel | 6x12

Went out to the magnificent Inn at Park Winters yesterday where we got the royal tour from owner Rafael Galiano!  The entire property was so divine, gorgeously landscaped, beautifully appointed! Spent a lovely afternoon painting their view of the Blue Ridge. There was so many choices of beauty to paint, it's a bit odd that I picked this bucolic scene of the kitchen garden, the shed and the pick-up, but after painting non-stop for a week, I wanted something small and simple. 

Painting Notes:  I loved the telephone poles for their atmospheric perspective and the flash of orange from the pick-up.  One half of this is all about the background while the other half, the grasses and mustard. After painting the background, I applied some super darks to the foreground and sprayed them in with ISO, then laid my grasses and flowers in with rapid, almost quirky strokes! So fun!

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