Sunday, April 3, 2016


                              Patchwork Barn | Pastel | 9x12

The 10th Annual Winters Plein Air Festival kicked off Friday April 1st, giving us all the opportunity to paint the beauty of spring in Winters, Ca. This small rural town is surrounded by agricultural fields with the Blue Ridge - the last hilly wrinkle of the coastal range before the great California Valley.
For years, I've longed to,paint this barn and this was the first place to which I headed. The farmer nicely mowed a patch on the road in front of the barn so it was a perfect place for me to put the Eurovan, open the rear and paint in the shade! Poppies, lupine and purple crown vetch are sprinkled everywhere along with the ubiquitous mustard that makes our area a patchwork of green and yellow.

Painting notes: Wallis Warm is again my go-to substrate. I am just loving it's warm medium beige tone which sets the mood for a warm painting.  The path to the barn is conceptual as one of my goals this year is to use my artistic license to add, move, grow, shrink or leave out elements to create a better composition. Same with the flowers which were around but not quite where I put them. I'm trying to get away from my strict realism, so this passive foreground filled with loose strokes was a perfect way to do so

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