Monday, April 4, 2016


                    Canoeing Lake Solano | Pastel | 12x9

Sunday was my second day out at the Winters Plein Air Festival (10th Annual) and I gravitated towards water.  There is a bridge across Lake Solano and the view of the reeds and trees reflected into the still water led me to park at the Campground and carry my art gear lakeside. Here I spent 2 1/2 hours of pure delight watching a steady Sunday stream of canoeists, kayaker and paddle boarders going by.

Painting Notes: Wallis warm Belgian Mist substrate was my choice again.  I finished the top half and had the colors all down for the lake when I moved on to do more on a commission I started Friday.  Back in the studio, I completed the lake reflections, using my handy-dandy, inside-out bill-counting finger nub to evenly, in one stroke at a time, pull the colors down vertically. Then a judicious use of horizontal strokes with the finger nub creates the sense of water movement. After all that was done, I put the canoe and the couple into the scene and created more water movement around the canoe.

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