Friday, April 8, 2016


                Springtime in Winters | Pastel | 12x9

Wow! Spring is a bit early here in northern California.  The poppies are aflame, the blue lupine just starting to coat hillsides, blue brodaeia and purple crown vetch are only outperformed by the fields of mustard.  Driving out a farm road, I slammed on the brakes and backed up for this curve filled with California poppies. A sheep barn is just to the left here with its corrugated metal roof sloping almost to the ground.  After two plus hours painting in the shade of a lovely tree, I felt like a sauve had been applied to my soul. Complete contentment!

Painting Notes:  After extensive search online, I've learned that the three pads of Wallis Warm Belgian Mist I bought last year is it- finito, no mas, unavailable forever more. I have 28 9x12s left and no hope for more.  I had a special moment when painting this painting. After tinting the underpainting and spraying with ISO, I started with the smaller tree to the right.  It came out so well that I knew the painting was going to be a winner, so with my heart beating just a bit faster, I continued on. Finished it all on site, only added a signature back at the studio and felt like I'd truly been 'in the zone' for this one!

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