Monday, October 12, 2015


        The Ebb & Flow    | Pastel | 8x16

Black Sand Beach - who wouldn't rush to go there! Ah, but in Shelter Cove, there are TWO Black Sand Beaches - the big one and the Little one. Almost no parking for either, but the 'big' one has a real  park bathroom while Little has a Port-o-poddy! And the BEST long range view!  This is my view from the top - right next to the P-o-P!  What surprised me is that all the black sand beaches I've been to, heretofore, were volcanic in origin. This one is not! It is made up of the pebbled King Range - the orangey-beige parts are sandstone, the black is slate! The pebble sizes vary in bands but all are a lovely mid-tone charcoal  with white drippy lines on them - they are each like a 'mini-Jackson Pollack'
pebble!  I brought one home to put on my 'Membrances' shelf.  The lovely woman who bought this at the LOST COAST PLEIN AIR last week said she lives in the closest house to the beach on the cliff and this is her daily view.  Wow!

Painting notes: Sometimes, Art Spectrum Aubergine paper is so perfect!  I learned about how perfect it is from Suzi Long, Mendocino Pastellist.  The pale eggplant/purple hue is perfect for all foggy environments (aka the coast) even when it's clear.  All the Art Spectrum papers are nubby - not too, but just enough to make one's painting more impressionistic looking.  If you haven't tried it, do yourself a favor and give it a try.

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