Thursday, November 12, 2015


    Cliff Notes | Pastel | 12 X 9

Day 1 of Capitola Plein Air. Arrived at 12:30 to be told I was one of LAST to check in.  Yikes! Apparently this event is going to be heavily attended by local artists - and there are some of the best in this area. Twenty minutes later I considered returning home and punting the whole thing.  No room for my Eurovan in any state campgrounds, and no answer calling most of them and local campsites. 

But one obscure small campground  pulled through for me and when I arrived I found the proprietor was also an artist. She showed me her paintings and I felt like I was home - home for two nights!  At check-in, an artist had left a $10 parking stub for New Brighton Beach State Park. I headed there and painted most of this - right up till the approaching waves went from 25' away to 12'. Time to go! 

Painting notes: I brought all Wallis warm paper for this event. Painting looking right into the descending sun was tricky. My new WonderBrella saved the day but high tide ended it early. I went back up to the parking lot where I got carried away with the last rays high lighting the cypress on the hill...and then was saved by two artists in the event coming over and inviting me to cocktails and dinner! 

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