Wednesday, November 11, 2015


    Capitola Nocturne | Pastel | 8x16

Saturday night, after a long, glorious day of painting Capitola, as I was walking back from the restaurant at the end of Capitola Wharf, the reflections of Capitola's night lights called out to me - especially the blue lights!  I thought  'It's only 8 o'clock. I think I still have another painting in me tonight'! 
Back to the car for my highly portable (contractors proposal box pochade) mini-box.  Making the marks was like writing a musical score, left to right, notes and clefts!  The music was the artsy-me singing! Being inside one's own head is sometimes the MOST fun!

Painting notes: Key ingredients - black art spectrum paper and a couple of great super black pastels- Nupastel and Rembrandt.  The thing about painting on dark papers is that one's 'usually' medium value pastels are now your super lights!  The final touch is a pale yellow white in just the right places. And those blue lights!

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