Friday, September 9, 2016


  Pink Granite Coast | Pastel | 6x8

Cape Breton Highlands National Park of Nova Scotia Canada is a grand place! A circle loop called the Cabot Trail drives thru boreal forests of balsam fir and birches filled with mooses who favorite meal is ... birch! Every mile it seems there is a pullout with an awesome vista - on the west of tall hillsides from the plateau that is the Cape down to the ocean, on the east side, rocky inlets of pink granite diving into azure seas. I learn pink granite is so colored due to the feldspar in it. Good to know as I am thinking it's more like fairy dust for artists!

Painting notes:  It's been 3 weeks without painting or sketching as we travel long miles daily on roads that are bumpy, making our way from my last plein air painting in South Dakota, thru Canada to Nova Scotia and now into Maine. We are camping in a forest that doesn't inspire me to paint so I set up my easel on our camping platform and choose a favorite photo from just a few days ago. I hear myself humming as my strokes flow into my small surface, totally engrossed. I finish 75 minutes later, high and happy!

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