Sunday, May 29, 2016


                                Bandit  | Pastel | 9x12
One of the galleriesI I regularly show at has a dog-themed show every year. The show is in support of the local Rescue Shelter.  This year, I chose my sister-in-law's full of personality pooch as my subject.  I am enjoying painting pet portraits and expect I will continue to have them as a main theme in my work for years.  I like to choose a pet I personally know.  This little guy is full of spunk, brightness and joy! He often has one ear in the air and is obviously fascinated by life and enjoying himself immensely. He is also delightful to be around - none of that incessant yapping or jumping on me that drives me crazy in dogs. 

Painting Notes:  Wire-haired dogs are especially fun to paint. Lay in base colors of the skin below the hair, then literally sculpt the hairs on top.  The background I photographed Bandit on was way too busy - a predominantly black cowhide - so I opted for creating a simple backdrop. The smooth aliuminum oxide paper from England - Fisher 400 (from Pro- Art Panels)- has a lovely almost velvety texture, at the same time allowing one to lightly skim the side of a Terry Ludwig pastel across it, just picking up bits of the color.  It is a joy to work on but often too smooth for my landscapes as it pushes me to render over- realistically - a good thing in a pet portrait but not what I want in a more impressionistic landscape.

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