Friday, February 5, 2016

TRICKS OF THE TRADE - An all around stain remover for getting your medium off your clothes!

                        Before & After using SOILOVE to get the stains out

SOILOVE STAIN REMOVER - An Artist's Best Friend
Being an artist is not just about creating - like all trades, it's also about how you go about managing the job.  Oil paints in particular are a vexing medium as one seems to leave traces of the medium everywhere in ones life - car doors/trunks, clothes, shoes, carpets, wall and the like.  Thanks to painter friend Debbie Gualco, I learned years ago of this product - SOILOVE. It's a stain remover that is a household staple here in our house.  And above is an example of why it is an artist's Best Friend! On top is Soloove applied to white oil paint that has been on this sweatshirt for over 12 years, washed loads of times and resisted all efforts of other stain removers.  
I applied the liquid, waited about five minutes, then used my fingernail to flick the paint chips off the material. Into the washer and voilà - removed.  We use it for hard stains on jeans and other clothing. Main criteria for what it works on is anything you can then run through the washing machine.  
I use this on pastel stains as well.  I buy it by the two-pack through If you haven't added this to your arsenal, I recommend you try it. Yes, Kiss-off is great too but pretty much relegated to using when it's fresh, IMHO. 

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