Thursday, February 18, 2016


                            Roosting Rooster    Pastel |  6x8

What is it about chickens that is so appealing?  Obviously their form and bright colors but there's a fascination I find with their behaviors.  This pose is a classic point in mind - she's contentedly foraging with no mind to what's behind her because he is guarding the roost.  He spends all his time guarding his harem, making sure all the hens are doing his bidding, and quickly going after any intruders. But, having raised hens for several years, I've found that if 'he' is not there, the dominant female will have the same behaviors, right up until a rooster shows up...and then she backs down.  Sound familiar??

Painting notes:  I had a great time painting this rotted haystack; finally, a legitimate excuse to go crazy with my mark making!  What was most appealing to me when I first saw this scene during a neighborhood walk with my husband was the bright colorful hues of the rooster amid all the beige and browns of the rest of the scene.  The rooster lit up the scene like a neon light.  When it came time to paint this, I became equally enamored with the shadows and emphasizing their colors. I could have been more subtle with them but when I sketched it, the shadow patterns became as important darks as the haystack and chicken

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